NTI-Ducting-Logo-SmallVentFlex™ – “Easy to Manage Flex Duct for Your Application”

As a Manufacturer of Flexible Ducting, our ducting is great for use with a wide range of blowers, fans, and other ventilating equipment. High strength, flame retardant vinyl fabric thermally sealed to an ASTM approved helical wire makes this a top choice for applications delivering fresh air or venting work areas. Sewn and heat welded duct are available. Flexible Ducting is available in diameters from 4″ to 48″, lengths of 8′, 10′, 12′, 15′, 25′ or custom with various end treatments including wire rope, cuff and buckle, machine, and more! All flexible ducts are available in dozens of materials for various applications and climates. Choose flexible duct for handling ducting for fast and easy attachment to a range of equipment. Available with end finishes for fast and easy attachment to a range of spot cooling and portable HVAC units as well. Visit www.ventflexducting.com for more information on our VentFlex flexible ducting.

HiTex™ – “The Superior High Temp Duct”

With its durability and excellence performance in high temperatures our brand of HiTex™ ducting is ideal for most heater applications. Visit www.hitexducting.com for more information on our HiTex heater ducting. Contact Us today to find your distributor.

Versa Duct™ –

As a leading supplier for many OEM heater companies and rental stores, we know the challenges faced when pairing the right duct with the heating brand/unit; but all that’s changing with our innovative PATENT PENDING Versa Duct!  Versa Duct quickly transforms the ends of the duct from one style of coupling to another for a fast and very efficient joining of multiple duct sections.  Additionally, because Versa Duct™ has adaptable ends, they’ll fit virtually every HVAC unit on the market – allowing you to carry one style of duct for your entire fleet.  Patent pending in USA and Canada and only available from NTI Global.

LoTex™ – “For Moderate Heating Applications”

LoTex™ Your Answer to Economy Grade Ducting! LoTex™ is an economy grade duct that withstands the heat with minimal impact on your budget. Made with the same quality fabric as our HiTex ducting™ but with lighter duty wire, no wear strip and a wider pitch. This duct is most popular among customers who value seasonal replacement vs. care, storage, and reuse of ducting. Contact Us today to find your distributor.


When heat levels need to be maintained up to 500° degrees trust nothing but our brand of UltraTex™ ducting. Base fabric for UltraTex™ ducting passes CAN/CSA-M427-M491.  Visit www.ultratexducting.com for more information on our UltraTex heater ducting. Contact Us today to find your distributor.


When heat levels need to be pushed even higher and maintained up to 550° degrees trust nothing but our brand of UltraMax™ ducting. Base fabric for UltraMax™ ducting passes CAN/CSA-M427-M491.  Inquire with our Sales Representatives for more detailed information. Contact Us today to find your distributor.


NTI Global manufactures and supplies Ground Support ducting for the Aviation Industry.

Mining & Tunneling

NTI Global manufacturers and also supplies Ventilation Ducting for the Mining Industry. Visit www.ntimining.com for more information on our mining and tunneling products.

Military Duct

NTI Global is a manufacturer of Military & Government Spec Ducting. Inquire today for more information.  

Blower / Manhole Duct

NTI Global manufactures and supplies blower / manhole ducting for Industrial Air Movement Applications.

Layflat Tubing

NTI Global manufactures and supplies three levels of LayFlat to fit the needs of any application. Inquire today for more information.

Bridge Duct / Dust Collection

NTI Global manufactures and supplies flexible ducting for dust collection / bridge duct. Inquire today for more information about sizes and colors and specs available.

Oil Sands & Drilling

NTI Global manufactures and supplies high heat temperature ducting specific for oil sands drilling projects.

Spot Cooling Duct & Accessories

When it comes to Spot Cooling NTI Global provides light weight, easy to manage, flexible ducting for exhaust or discharge air.

Ducting Accessories & More

NTI Global provides many ducting accessories to get the job done right. Choose from our AC/Heater unit Protector Caps, our Patent Pending Port Wall™, Fabric Wyes, Splitters, and Reducers, EZ Storage Duct Crates, Equipment Jackets™, and MORE!

Fabrics: A selection of fabrics to meet your requirements!

Available with or without wear strip. Available in standard safety yellow, clean air white, black or various other colors. A range of fabric weights and features such as, anti-mildew-anti bacterial additives, flame retardant additives, and anti-static treatments. As NTI Global stands by all our products please feel free to inquire with any specific spec questions your job many require.

What can we do? Just ASK!

Being the Manufacturer we have the diverse capabilities to serve many industries. Where do we ship? We serve customers all over the world and offer competitive shipping rates, if interested, please inquire within. Whatever ducting you need for the job NTI is your source! We look forward to doing business with you. Contact one of our ducting specialists at 800-947-7767 for any questions, comments, quotes, or to request a copy of our catalog.